Lacoplast door handle


The door handle is a fundamental element because is directly operated by the final user. The door handle should be rigid and solid, relatively inexpensive, suitable to decorate and easy to assembly. In the handle market, there are molded handles (often disappointing in terms of aesthetics) and assembled metal handles (beautiful but expensive).

Esploso D Srl has recently developed a handle having the gripping element comprising an external casing and an internal reinforcing element. The external casing comprises a base and a cover. Due to the mechanical interference of the snap-fit elements, the three elements work as a single body element that does not show deformations related to torsion and flexion when in operation. The enclosed figure shows an exploded view of the handle: red elements are made of plastic material while the grey parts are made of metal-alloy.

Because of the constant cross section of base and cover, they are produced by extrusion process, which allows us to produce huge volumes at relatively low cost. A further advantage of this process is the high quality surface decoration. Base and cover can be decorated with the following processes: hot foil stamping, metal sheet application, metal/plastic co-extrusion. Usually this approach is applied for straight elements; however, handles with curved grips can also be manufactured using slightly bent internal reinforcing element.



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